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Down Under Saddle Supply Dressage Cotton Quilted Pad

Down Under Saddle Supply Dressage Cotton Quilted Pad
Price $19.99

We have been able to get a special purchase of quality Dressage saddle pads. These pads are limited quantities and would compare to pads going for dollar 29-39
Down Under Saddle Supply Dressage Rectangular Cotton Quilted Pad

Down Under Saddle Supply Dressage Rectangular Cotton Quilted Pad
Price $19.99

We have been able to get a special purchase of quality English saddle pads. These pads are limited quantities and would compare to pads going for dollar 29-39 n
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5.28 min. | 4.6107783 user rating
Equestrian Horse Jumping Tournament [HD] - IPE There is an inherent beauty of watching horse jumping, a rider and horse become one as they gracefully fly thr...

2.98 min. | 4.7090907 user rating
YES you can ride these giant horses. They are very versatile and participate in Dressage, Jumping, Halter, Driving and more.
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Question Cheap dressage saddles!!!!?
Ok, so I really want to be able to get a better--and therefore more expensisve horse. So, I need to cut back the costs of my tack and such. Right now, I don't compete and just need a well balanced, comfortable for the horse, and fairly low maintinance (in the way of fitting that is, because I don't have a saddle fitter up here and would be VERY expensive if I had to drive to one or v/v every couple months for adjustments.) And I would really prefer it to be around $1000, definately not above $2000. And I absolutely hate to feel locked in a position and can't move. I was thinking of M. Toulouse, thornhill, or wintec. Any suggestions? The problem is there are no tack stores even close to where I live. Therefore, I can't try out the saddle unless I order one online from a tack store. And I can't get flocking adjustments.

Best Answer I'm sure you've been told this before, but... Used. Look at used saddles. You can find some really nice used saddles for not that much money. I found a Stubben that looked to be in really nice shape for less than 200 bucks. :P It was pretty ancient. Not that you need to go that old. Call around or search the internet, and see if any of the tack stores in your area does saddle restorations. They might have a great saddle at a great deal for you.
Question Opinions for a cheap dressage saddle?
I've been thinking of focusing more on dressage this year, really get in tune with my horse and her with me. I know she used to really enjoy it and loves to show off. I don't know for sure if we'll be competing at all, but I'd like to get a dressage saddle just to try it out. I got an offer from another rider for a $1000 near new saddle that I could make payments on.. but I've never ridden in one so I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment. Has anyone bought/used this Are any kind of beginner packages worth the money? I know they're not going to be amazing or show quality, but are they decent enough?

Best Answer Without knowing how involved you are with dressage, (apparently very little) You may want to consider the most inexpensive English saddle you can find. The "trick" to dressage, is the rider and the horse, not the saddle. You and the horse have to function as one and it takes several years of training to achieve that level. It is a very very exacting performance and only the most knowledgeable people appreciate the effort and work that goes into dressage. After you decide to go for dressage recognition, that's when you want to look at your tack. r

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