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Harry Dabbs Dressage Saddle 175 medium wide tree
Harry Dabbs Dressage Saddle 175 medium wide tree
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harry dabbs dressage saddle 175 medium wide tree

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Question Jumping/cross country saddles?
In addition to the dressage saddle I am looking for (asked a question about an hour ago about dressage saddles), I am also looking for a jumping/cross country saddle. I have found these, I know, there are a lot, but I didn't want to try to narrow it down since I dont know much about good brands and models, I didn't want to accidentally cut out a great saddle. Collegiate Graduate: http://www.equinehits.com/16.5%22.collegiate.graduate~34852 Collegiate Laureate: http://www.equinehits.com/17-great.saddle.by.collegiate~33841 In this next one I was looking at the bottom left English saddle. Which one do you think it is in the ad? The RD close contact? http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/grd/1299385038.html Courbette Arosa: http://www.equinehits.com/courbette.arosa.17.5~13069 Collegiate Parfaire: http://www.equinenow.com/english_saddle-ad-902 Harry Dabbs (I’m only 5’2”. Do you think the flaps are too long?): http://www.equinenow.com/english_saddle-ad-1020 Crosby XL: http://www.equinehits.com/crosby.xl~29456 Collegiate (doesn’t say what type): http://www.equinehits.com/16.5%22.med..tree.close.contact~27282 Magic Courbette: http://www.equinehits.com/black.english.jumping.saddle~25024 They don’t say what this one is but it looks quality to me: http://www.equinehits.com/c.c.show.jumping.saddle~21097 I forgot to ask the actual question haha! Which one should I buy? Im on a tight budget and want a quality saddle that wont damage my horses back.

Best Answer Collegiates tend to be good saddles but i can find they can be uncomfortable, I ride in a harry dabbs basically the exact same one you in the picture but its a close contact(flatter seat and square cantle) I LOOOOVEE it, soooo comfy mine was almost new and was quite affordable. I'm 5'4 and i dont find the flaps to long for me. it looks like most of the saddles you have up are pretty good saddles it just all depends on what you wanna pay, and i would buy one that near you so that you can sit in it and passably ride in it aswell. it could be a super good brand and seem like the best saddle ever but then you could ride in or even sit in it and find out you just dont like it.
Question What saddle would you suggest for a Hunter/jumper?
I need a good 18" saddle. I am about 5' 3". i am showing in the 2' hunters moving to the 2 3' and 2 6' soon. I have a budget of about 1200 so i would prefer a used saddle.I was thinking about stubben, bates, and harry dabbs. the crosby mark VII i have now the seat is to small and has no knee rolls. if you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer While they are all good saddles, I prefer the bates, and i will tell you why. I am also 5'3", and I find it hard to find a saddle that has a flap small enough. The bates flap seems to go straight down enough, and most importantly, it has an adjustable knee block. So, I move the knee block toward my leg/customize the saddle to fit me. I have a bates dressage, and that is why I bought it. The flexiblock is as far towards me as the velcro allows, and it is perfect! I am selling my current cc saddle now as it makes me get into a chair seat some because the knee blocks are too far away for my short legs. With you needing an 18" seat, the flaps may be even bigger and may not fit your short legs. So, either get the bates or make sure you sit in the others because the knee block may be too far away!

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